patti labelle (singing)

*If you didn’t know, now you know. Miss Patti doesn’t like it when you even hint at removing your clothes after she invites you on stage to party with her.

Friday night Patti LaBelle was performing in Vancouver, BC and like she often does, invited a couple of fans to hang out with her on stage. But one of them went a tad overboard and started unbuttoning his shirt. That right there was more than the singer wanted to see.

Patti, 71, in no uncertain terms told dude that his actions were not appreciated and after he turned his butt to her, she had Mr. thang removed.

Interestingly while admonishing the would-be-stripper, Patti name checked Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus who she’s been critical of for their skimpy clothing on stage.