momma dee (deborah bryant mug shot)

*If you were to look up the word “ratchet” in an online dictionary, don’t be surprised if it directs you to a photo of Momma Dee.

Yep, the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star gets the ol’ ratchet designation for getting busted by cops after she allegedly left a restaurant without paying.

According to TMZ, Momma Dee was arrested Saturday morning in Milwaukee for “fraud on inn keeper – nonpayment.” A/K/A refusing to pay or leaving without paying the bill.

It was reported that Momma Dee, whose real name is Deborah Bryant, was out with friends to celebrate her birthday and when a bill of around $500 came to the table, no one wanted to cough up the cash.

The report doesn’t say if anyone else was busted as well, but interestingly, after being held behind bars for a few hours, Momma Dee was released after posting a $250 bail.

Hmm, makes you wonder if she paid or did somebody else?