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Angela Carr Patterson

*A female who grows up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father will encounter numerous negative outcomes throughout her life as she becomes an adult.

On October 27-28, in Columbia, SC, Fatherless Daughter Advocate, Angela Carr Patterson aims to change this.

Through her momentous work, The Journey to Being Process™ Train-the-Trainer program, Angela will certify and train individuals and organizations on how to help women and girls move past the negative effects of fatherlessness.

We all have a natural father, yet when the term fatherless is utilized, it implies that the father figure is simply not present in the girl’s life. Maybe he has passed away or have fled altogether. Perhaps he’s physically present, however, not mindful, attentive and caring towards his daughter. It is difficult to adapt to being fatherless. As humans, we need to be adored, protected, and loved by the individuals who brought us into life.

A larger number of females are fatherless than you can envision. A recent study from Lisa Mancini and Professor Briggs says:

“As the divorce rate in the United States climbs to almost 50 percent, fathers seem to be disappearing from their daughters’ lives. Research shows that girls and young women who have an unstable father figure are more liable to have unplanned pregnancy, low-self esteem, high school and college drop-out, poverty, divorce and sexually promiscuous behavior.”

What’s more, on account of that, women and girls experience life, having issues in their relationships, work, and emotional imbalance.
Angela Carr Patterson is on a mission to help girls and women redefine and rewrite their lives beyond their fatherlessness.

Her ground breaking work, “The Journey to Being Process™”, is based on a conviction and belief that a Fatherless Daughter’s Core issue is the result of a mis-placed sense of identity and an extreme yearning to be loved, validated and accepted.

Angela’s “The Journey to Being Process™” structure expresses the following: We get our identity through our paternal relationship and connection. What’s more, when this neglects to happen, as fatherless women/girls, we spend our entire lives trying to discover ourselves and search for love through paths, relationships and behaviors that don’t serve us. Not understanding that our pain will NEVER HEAL, until we heal our mis-placed sense of identity.

The foundation of this ground breaking work, focuses on helping women and girls do three things: 1) Redefine who they are past their fatherlessness; 2) Reclaim their self worth and actualize the power of self love; 3) Rewrite a new narrative for their lives and create a clear vision for their future.

“My central goal is to ignite a generation of Fatherless Daughter Advocates who will facilitate and implement workshops/programs that will absolutely change the lives of the women and girls within their communities,” says Angela.

“The Journey to Being Process™”, a 2 day prepare the-coach system, will provide training and ongoing support to help individuals and organizations lead “The Journey to Being Process™” in a workshop format or as a continuous on-going project that will go beyond skills teaching to becoming a life transforming experience for both the women and girls that they serve.

To learn more about how you can you or your organization can participate in the next training, contact Angela at [email protected] or log onto:

About Angela Carr Patterson
Angela Carr Patterson is the CEO and President of Oasis Promotions, LLC, an Personal and Professional Development Company dedicated to building and promoting “New Inspired Female Leaders” for transformation and change in the workplace, the community, the media, and the world. Carr Patterson is a speaker, author, trainer, media personality, global life strategist, and founder of The Fatherless Daughters Network.

Throughout the years, Carr Patterson has worked with fatherless girls and women from around the world. Many of her clients live in the United States, Kenya, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, London and India. She recognizes fatherlessness is a global issue for women and girls that must be addressed and she aims to do just that.

To contact Angela Carr Patterson about her next scheduled “Journey to Being Process™” training: [email protected] or call 803-920-6853.