Nia Long*Nia Long’s support of #AllLivesMatters has caught the wrath of #BlackLivesMatter supporters.

The backlash stems from the following image Long posted earlier this month that included the All Lives Matter hashtag, reports.

From there, it was open season on the actress as Black Lives Matter supporters blasted Long on social media for not standing behind their movement.

“I decided to delete Nia Long. No longer a follower. Good bye Nia,” one follower wrote.

“Looks like someone is looking for employment & white checks,” another . If all lives really mattered there would be no need for the black lives matter movement. Girl, you done f*cked up NOW. Black people are the only ones in your corner supporting you,” added another follower, who pointed out the objective of the Black Lives Matter movement while expressing disappointment towards Long.

“If all lives matter, we wouldn’t need to exclaim black lives matter … the purpose of the phrase to emphasize that Black lives are just as valuable and important as everyone else’s and therefore should be treated equally … smh this truly disappointing Nia!!!!”

The backlash toward Long comes amid criticism of #AllLivesMatter hashtag, which many feel view as a way to distract or undermine the message of Black Lives Matter, which comes from frustration over the deaths of numerous Black men and women by police officers.

At this time, there has been no response from Long regarding the backlash.

So what say you? Should Nia Long be slammed for her view of the situation or were the Black Lives Matter supporters right in going in the entertainer for posting #AllLivesMatters?

Weigh in below.