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*Labor Day Weekend is upon us.

It’s the last official holiday weekend before we kiss long hot summer days goodbye.

Because of that folks are scrambling to find the best way to make those memories last through the El Niños and polar vortex’s that are threatening to make our winters across the country cold and wet.

So if you could pick the best celebs to party with on the last fun weekend of summer – this is what your list should look like:

Diddy because the Ciroc will ALWAYS be on deck.

and you’d be drinking it on this:

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with instructions like this:

Beyoncé and Jay-Z because will have you on a yacht somewhere in the middle of the portion of the ocean where only filthy rich people are allowed to sail and you’ll be clinking glasses with Blu Ivey while staring at this:

and by the end of the night you’ll all be setting it off like this:

Ludacris … yes Ludacris. Because his Ludaday Weekends are lit.

Gabby Union and D-Wade because they be at the Ludaday Weekend turning the fun factor way up and you’ll feel blessed.

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Paradise… never gets old…

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You can’t have a turnt party weekend without the Bad Gal Ri Ri there doing this:

and this:

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Eye-soul-ation #CaribbeanGal #culture

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and when you close out the weekend with a little fishing trip she’ll turn to you and do this:

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather will definitely need to be in the mix because the kind of partying you’re going to want to accomplish takes money like this:

and this:

You’ll want to bring Snoop Dogg with you because if you DO decide to indulge … in whatever you choose to indulge in, he won’t judge you, in fact he’ll ride with you like this:

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Yea nigga. U2

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And make for damn sure you take Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez along because however ratchet you want to get, if you’re with them you’ll never be the most ratchet one in the club and ya’ll can all post up in VIP like this:

And after all that ratchetness you can go to church and repent with them:

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Pure Joy…

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Happy Labor Day!