Joe Jackson

*Nearly a month after Joe Jackson returned to L.A. from Brazil after suffering a series a heart attacks followed by a massive stroke, the Jackson family patriarch is said to be in stable condition, but a source very close to the family tells that the medical crisis has taken a toll.

“Joe refuses to stop working, but it is really sad because he is trying to still act as the family liaison and manager to everyone but is not making any sense a lot of the time,” says the source.

“Sometimes when he speaks, people have a hard time understanding what he is saying and then he gets all angry because no one is listening to him.”

“This last stroke really took a toll on him,” the source continues. “Joe used to be so sharp and didn’t miss a beat, but since the stroke he has faded. It has gotten to the point where Paris and Prince cannot even be around him because they get so upset that he doesn’t even seem to know who they are at times.”

According to the insider, “No one knows what to do, so they just patronize him and say ‘yes dad’ to pretty much everything he says.”

“Even Katherine is at the end of her rope with him, but she won’t leave his side and has really become his caretaker since he returned home.”