don cheadle (miles davis)

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in ‘Miles Ahead’

*The New York Film Festival is offering the first video footage of Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in his directorial debut, “Miles Ahead.”

The festival just released a trailer montage of the films screening during its 2015 run, beginning Sept. 25.

Watch below. The blink-and-you’ll-miss-it look at Cheadle as Miles Davis comes 12 seconds in.

Here’s what the NYFF says about “Miles Ahead”:

Miles Davis was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. And how do you make a movie about him? You get to know the man inside and out and then you reveal him in full, which is exactly what Don Cheadle does as a director, a writer, and an actor with this remarkable portrait of Davis, refracted through his crazy days in the late ’70s. Holed up in his Manhattan apartment, wracked with pain from a variety of ailments and sweating for the next check from his record company, dodging sycophants and industry executives, he is haunted by memories of old glories and humiliations and of his years with his great love Frances Taylor (Emayatzy Corinealdi). Every second of Cheadle’s cinematic mosaic is passionately engaged with its subject: this is, truly, one of the finest films ever made about the life of an artist. With Ewan McGregor as Dave Brill, the “reporter” who cons his way into Miles’ apartment. A Sony Pictures Classics release.


Emayatzy Corinealdi prepares to shoot a scene in “Miles Ahead”

As previously reported, actress Emayatzy Corinealdi stars as Davis’ first wife Frances in “Miles Ahead,” which will screen Oct. 11 on NYFF’s closing night. Below, Corinealdi talks about the real Francis and the type of marriage she shared with the legendary jazz musician: