Rick Ross

*theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports that Rick Ross (real name William Leonard Roberts II) has filed court docs in his legal battle with LMFAO asking that any mention of him being a drug dealer or participating in criminal activity be banned from the proceedings, as it has no barring on the case at hand.

Ross sued LMFAO over their hit song “Party Rock Anthem” which featured the line “Everyday I’m Shufflin” which he said ripped off his line “Everyday I’m Hustlin” from his 2006 song “Hustlin.” According to the report, Ross sought an injunction and damages over the infringement.

LMFAO – consisting of Redfoo and Sky Blu — fired back, saying their image is one of partying and having a good time, which is quite the opposite of the dangerous lifestyle Ross promotes; consisting of selling cocaine, “energetically and aggressively and making strenuous efforts to obtain money in the drug trade business.” The band is demanding Ross’ lawsuit be dismissed.

On September 17, Ross filed docs in the case demanding that his legal battle with Freeway Ricky Ross not be mentioned in open court. While the lawsuit ended in his favor, he says LMFAO intends to use it, as well as references to drug dealing in his song “Hustlin,” as a means to make the trial about Ross’ alleged criminal activity and distract from what the case is really about, copyright infringement.

Ross also doesn’t want mentioned the fact that he saw an increase in record sales following the release of LMFAO’s song. He says there is no way to prove the correlation.

The judge has yet to make a ruling on Ross’ motion.

Meanwhile, a young woman has claimed the rapper’s bodyguard drugged and raped her, and she has filed a lawsuit against Ross and his record companies.

According to the Daily Beast, the victim was drugged and Ross’s 42-year-old bodyguard Nadrian James (and possibly others) allegedly violated her, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on September 18.

“It was at least [James] and maybe others—we haven’t tested everything yet,” the alleged victim’s attorney, Okorie Okorocha, told The Daily Beast, referring to the dress and underwear that’s been tagged as evidence.

Ross has released a statement distancing himself from Nadrian.