russell westbrook & jimmy kimmel

*NBA guard Russell Westbrook enjoys the smooth taste of creamy goodness in his mouth produced from quality nuts. But hold on, before your mind rushes to the gutter, keep reading.

The OKC Thunder guard confessed to Jimmy Kimmel that he has to have a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich before every game, and not just any peanut butter will do — Russ demands Skippy. He did not specify creamy or crunchy (though he seems like a creamy guy).

The folks at Skippy got wind of Westbrook’s ritual, and they’re more than willing to keep him hooked. A Skippy spokesperson told TMZ Sports, “We’ll make sure he’s got enough to fuel him all season long.”

As one of OKC’s franchise players, Westbrook commands max dollars. That means he’s a multi-millionaire and can probably afford his own fricking peanut-butter! But if someone’s handing him 82 games worth of nutty goodness, he’d be a fool not to accept.

Don’t be surprised if one day you see Westbrook in a TV commercial, dribbling a ball in one hand and clutching a jar of Skippy in the other. One word: Endorsement!