Serayah McNeil

Sreayah and Yazz (Bryshere Gray) in a scene from ‘Empire’

*In a new interview with Chris Yandek of, actress and music star Serayah of “Empire” shares her personal side.

Known for playing the character of Tiana on the hit Fox show, Serayah wants everyone to be informed on who she really is away from the show:

“I’ve been really working hard and coming up with strategies and plans to separate the two because I am very much so different than my character musically and personality wise. So, a lot of people come up in the business and kind of go from role to role and people just see them gradually grow. As for me, they don’t know who I am, you know, at all. So it is really important for me to distinguish myself outside of the show.”

With “Empire” being her first major acting role, Serayah was cast to play a music star on a TV show. Away from the series, she is now a real life music performer and has already worked with Taylor Swift.

“I think I’ve known that, but I’ve never looked at it that way and that just really makes me realize, you know, the similarities and how it ties into each other because these things come and they go so quickly. I know just preparing for the BET Awards and preparing for the Taylor Swift concert, it just comes and goes and the moments are gone. So I try, try to remember to take hold of those moments, but it’s very true. I mean, she’s [Tiana] a huge pop star on TV and I’m getting to do a lot of those elements in real life and that’s the amazing part though in getting fans to relate to Serayah and see more about me and really believe how that story connects.”

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