serena williams in beats by dr dre ad

*Top-ranked tennis player Serena Williams is practically unbeatable.

After more than a decade of dominance, she continues to demolish her competition with mind-blowing ease and humility.

She’s also a hottie (but that’s for another story). At any rate, Williams’ legendary career has inspired the creation of a new Beats by Dre ad.

The heart-pumping video delivers a dramatic montage of Williams’ incredible journey–one filled with adversity, doubts, haters, health obstacles, criticisms, comebacks and victories.

This story is a window into Serena’s soul, into a chapter so personal no one in the world knew about until today.

A window’s glimpse inside Serena Williams’ life as she continually pushes past adversity and naysayers in preparation of winning her 22nd major – inspiring our generation to ‘RISE UP’ a thousand times again.

Watch Serena face down her haters in this new Beats By Dre Ad: