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Steve Harvey tapes episode “What Men Really Think”

*There is controversy surrounding the two-part Season 4 premiere of Steve Harvey’s daytime talk show, which featured 2,000 men and 150 women at Chicago’s Oriental Theatre in the Loop discussing the topic, “What Men Really Think.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, some audience members at the taping last month said that some of the men catcalled and disrespected women on stage.

According to The Tribune, some women were shown having trouble asking Harvey their questions in Tuesday’s episode because they were interrupted by men in the audience whistling or shouting at them.

Per the Chicago Tribune:

A man yelled something inaudible at a woman when she told Harvey she is an intern in NBC Tower, where Harvey typically films his talk show.

“Wait, what did he say?” the woman asked.
“Well, it doesn’t look like you’ll be single much longer,” Harvey told her.

A show representative said show officials are proud of the episodes.

“The nature of the topic alone can elicit strong opinions from both men and women. While we always encourage a healthy debate, we do not condone or tolerate rude or disrespectful behavior towards our audience or any of our guests. We are very proud of the episodes that we produced and are confident that our national audience will find the conversation both insightful and entertaining,” a statement emailed to the Tribune read.

In Tuesday’s episode, Harvey addressed questions from the women about why men cheat and why they’re protective of their cell phones. Some women played a game on stage where they guessed what a man would say in various situations.

The second part of the season premiere is expected to air Wednesday on NBC at 2 p.m with appearances by WWE star David Otunga, longtime talk show host Geraldo Rivera, Chicago entrepreneur Bill Rancic and reality TV star Todd Chrisley.

Watch clips from the episode below: