*It’s no surprise that Ben Carson doesn’t believe a Muslim should be President of the United States.

The surprise is that he actually said it publicly. On a little national television broadcast called “Meet The Press,” no less. Gee. Here’s a brain surgeon who needs his head examined.

You’d think Carson—-you know, being Black and all—-would be more sensitive. If nothing else, you’d think he’d be savvier about professing his intolerance out loud, considering there are those in this country who don’t want an American of color, a woman or anyone else who doesn’t look and/or think like them holding the highest office in the land.

After espousing this bigoted opinion, ol’ BC’s organization sought to clarify his statement, saying that while he has great respect for the Muslim community and that a Muslim should be allowed to run, he just doesn’t think America is ready for a Muslim President.

Yeah, that clarified it all right-—if there was any doubt about Carson’s sectarian view, this statement made it crystal clear.

Where have we heard this kind of thinking before?

The answer to that question is not just during President Obama’s first run for the Oval Office, but as recent as Carson’s own announcement that he was throwing his hat into the ring for the Republican nomination. The LAST thing this country needs, declared plenty, is another Black President.

When you hear someone who, I would imagine, has faced their share of lifelong prejudice simply because of their hue, you have to wonder what then drives them to spew similar views about others.

Perhaps Carson’s life of achievement and wealth has him thinking like that. When you find a level of acceptance among a certain group-—Carson’s supporters are overwhelmingly white–I suppose you tend to forget there’s a whole population of others who, regardless of your success, simply see you as a “nigger.”

And not just any nigger, mind you, but one who now believes he can dictate, just as others sought to dictate to him, who should and shouldn’t be allowed to pursue their dreams.

To be sure, Islam is a whipping boy that bigoted, fear-filled folk of all races and backgrounds collectively take turns beating, and it’s gotten old. I mean, if I can figure out the difference between self-proclaimed “Christians”–who lynch innocent citizens and bomb churches and clinics and Federal buildings and wrongly invade countries in the name of Jesus Christ–and those who truly live and love as Christians, then why can’t seemingly intelligent people see the difference between the average peace-loving Muslim and absolute crazies who kill and destroy in the name of Allah?

In the days to come, Carson will probably take a page from the Bigot’s Playbook. He’ll meet with Muslim leaders and with them standing behind him at a press conference, acknowledge that he “misspoke” or some other bullshit. He might even apologize.

But it’s too late, because reality festers, and we know the unmitigated truth: the good brain doctor has a heart problem.

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Steven Ivory

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