War Room Ticket

*There are no coincidences when it comes to God.  I am convinced the more you learn of Him…the more you realize just how Sovereign God really is, and how much you still have to learn about who you are/and who you were created to be.

Now, this stories of faith started on a Sunday afternoon, when I was hungry and tired…and a phone call came in from my Pastors asking if me/my husband wanted to go see the new movie, “War Room.”  It’s a new Christian movie, produced by the Kendrick Brothers and one I was definitely interested in seeing.  But, in that moment, my agenda of food and rest, nearly counted me out…until my husband quickly screamed out…”Sure, we would love to go!”  Truth, we had just picked up some food to go, and were right around from the movie theatre…but what were we supposed to do, eat in the car…and then rush into the movie?  Surely, we could wait to see the movie another day.  Well, we didn’t…and instead, we found ourselves eating in the car…waiting to walk into the theatre and see “War Room!”

Now, ironically, I had been praying for months for God to enhance my prayer life and that day in particular…me/my husband had been riding around asking God to lead us wherever He wanted us to go.  As long as it fit into our agenda…I guess.  As we entered the movie, and it began to play…scene after scene, tears just rolled down my face, thinking about how easy it is to be consumed by Life, personal agendas, and even daily tasks, that we almost miss the Blessings God has for us.  And truth, the God heaven truth is prayer…as the movie showed and as I know…is the only way to stay on track.  Not acts of service, not words of adoration/encouragement, not worship music/songs alone…but prayer.

I posted  on my Instagram following the movie, that as much as I knew I wanted to see it, I had no idea how much I needed to see it.  Life is always the best teacher, especially when it comes to things of God.  Weeks after the movie, more and more prayer has been taking place around me.  Even recently, in my community, pastors from throughout the area got together to pray for the city.  Powerfullllllllll!!!! Please hear me today, no matter where you are, what you’re into, what Life seems like…I have found…your turnaround is tied to your willingness to pray.  Pray and Watch things begin to change…not exactly how your mind may have calculated it, but in a way your heart can receive it.

Your Story of Faith is waiting to unfold…and it all starts with you realizing God is sovereign and can and will turn things around…if you will trust Him and Pray.    

Little Prayer…Little Power/Much Prayer…Much Power!

From My heart, L. 🙂

Citywide Prayer

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