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Screen Gems has released an all new poster for “The Perfect Guys” and we understand why Sanaa has Ealy going crazy!

*Things are looking good for “The Perfect Guy” to possibly end up being the top grossing film opening this weekend at box offices around the country.

Sony/Screen Gems’ “The Perfect Guy” is in competition with M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit” which brought in a nice $1M+ at screenings Thursday night.

However, as Deadline reports, “Guy” decided to put its efforts on the three day weekend, with a $8M to $10M possible Friday while the “The Visit” right now is on track for an $8.3M to $9M Friday.

The question is how front-loaded the horror film will be for Universal and also how late The Perfect Guy will continue to play tonight as its core audience tends to come out very late. We’ll have to see how many girls come in (they usually arrive in packs) to see the horror film tonight as well.

Meanwhile, Sony’s other hit, the faith-based “War Room,” will probably relinquish its box office throne and end up at number 3.

“War Room” took in $995K last night and so far has brought in a total of about $31.8 million.