Source: RadarOnline

Source: RadarOnline

*Earlier this summer it was reported that Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend Tyga enjoys the company of transsexuals.

He vehemently denied the rumors, and he may take to social media to deny the newest allegations against from Mia Isabella, the transgender adult film actress who Tyga had allegedly been hooking up with prior to and while involved in an underage relationship with Kylie.

Isabella is speaking out about her ‘romantic’ past with the rapper, telling Radar Online that she and Tyga initially met through mutual friends.

“I received a text a few years ago saying he would love to personally meet me,” she continued. “I wasn’t sure if I should meet him, I was still in a relationship. We continued to talk as friends for months and became close as friends. He continued to pursue me for months after.”

Isabella revealed that once she decided to move to Los Angeles to advance her career, she and Tyga’s relationship turned physical.

“After I had moved to LA, I became single and we continued our friendship until it DID become romantic and we dated steadily for a few years.”

When pressed about Kylie’s knowledge of his illicit activities, Mia said: “It’s her life and relationship and I feel any good woman will stand by her man in good times and bad, that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

So why is she spilling the tea about Tyga now? Isabella said it’s because she felt heart-broken and humiliated by the public vilification of their relationship.

“I was devastated to wake up to the entire world crucifying us and outing me as former trans porn star to humiliate him publicly. I considered Tyga a close friend for many years and would never support or back anyone trying to destroy his career,” she continued. “It made me afraid the man I had come to care for was about to be publicly outed and humiliated. I was afraid and broken-hearted.”

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