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Matthew Wildgoose describes his style as a bridge between surrealism and realism which culminates with powerful portraits bursting with character.

*Atlanta, Georgia ~ Artist/Actor Matthew Wildgoose, a native of Grand Bahama, Bahamas presented his international travel exhibition, “Dream Face” this year at the Dream Café in historic Castleberry Hill.

The exhibition represented Wildgoose’s experience as a professional actor. Exclusive pieces reflect scenes and faces that have influenced the artist throughout his acting career, which includes more than 30 productions.

“This year’s theme complimented Atlanta because people acknowledge this town as Black Hollywood. I believe it’s a logical progression for me as an artist/actor to mount an exhibition that is inspired by the entertainment industry.

The things that people of the world want to accomplish and what they view as success, whether it’s a career or past time, you can find it in this year’s pieces,’’ said Wildgoose.

Matthew describes his style as a bridge between surrealism and realism which culminates with powerful portraits that is bursting with character.

matthew wildgoose, dream cafe

Portraits on display at the Dream Cafe’ in Castleberry Hill District (Atlanta)

Currently, Wildgoose’s art is featured in multiple high end locations throughout the Bahamas. His work is a part of two of the largest art collections in his country, The “Dawn Davies Art Collection” and The D’Agular’s Art Foundation.

Wildgoose’s art is also showcased on exterior wall murals at The Bahamas Humane Society in New Providence, Bahamas and The Junkanoo Museum in Grand Bahama, Bahamas. In addition, his artwork was also featured in The Atlanta Artist Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

dream face, matthew wildgoose, al pachino, dream cafe,

Matthew Wildgoose’s Portrait of Al Pacino at the Dream Cafe in Atlanta during his International Travel exhibition.

matthew wildgoos & sidney painting

A 6 foot painting of Bahamian Actor, Sidney Poitier that Bahamian Artist/Actor Matthew Wildgoose painted for his 2015 DREAM FACT Art Exhibition

Wildgoose’s passion for acting, art and music fuels his work and his goal is to create pieces that drive conversations across diverse cultures. This year’s body of work is intended to help viewers relive emotions evoked from iconic actors/actresses throughout cinema history.

“Matthew has a powerful artistic eye and keen ability to see through to the core of the human soul and effortlessly translate those images on canvas,” said Lee B. Calender, (L.R.S.M. Vocal Coach, Speech Coach, Piano Coach).

Along with mounting this year’s exhibition, Wildgoose plans on giving back to The Covenant House of Atlanta which is a homeless shelter for young adults between the ages of 18-21 years old. He is scheduled to instruct a 3 Day Master Class Workshop this September.

“I realize I possess multiple gifts and I feel like it’s my responsibility to inspire the dreamers. This isn’t something that I developed on my own; it’s God’s work that I am a vessel of and this passion for art and expression must continue for generations after me,” said Wildgoose.

matthew wildgoose, dream face

Opening reception of Matthew Wildgoose’s ‘Dream Face’ art exhibition

The “Dream Face” exhibition is being curated by Ms.Ty Johnston, TV/Film Producer who also manages Wildgoose. Co-curator is Michele Pizer of Pizer Fine Art. The Atlanta exhibition wrapped last week.  After Atlanta, the exhibit will travel to the islands of the Bahamas, including his hometown Freeport Grand Bahama, Bahamas at The Grand Gallery.

“I discovered Matthew while working as the supervising producer for one of Bahamas television series in the Bahamas. I haven’t ran across such diverse talent as him in quite some time. I had no other choice but to work with him to further his professional career in the Bahamas and in the United States.

stevie baggs jr., ty johnston, matthew wildgoose, dream cafe

Stevie Baggs Jr. (Owner of Dream Café, Ty Johnston TV & Film Producer/Agent to Matthew Wildgoose & Artist/Actor Matthew Wildgoose)

“He’s an artist, actor, comedian, drummer with the most humble spirit and has a personality out of this world. For the most part, he’s extremely passionate about his craft and if you move through life with passion, then you’re headed in the right direction. I’m excited about several developing projects that I am working on in this beautiful country.

“My search has only begun working with emerging talent and brands of the Bahamas,” Ty Johnston said.

Wildgoose also intends to showcase original pieces at Art Basel,December 3-6, 2015 in Miami Beach to close the year. Art Basel stages world premier high quality modern and contemporary art exhibitions annually in Miami Beach, Florida and Hong Kong, Japan.

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