marshawn lynch*Marshawn Lynch apparently brought his on-field aggression off the field, according to the uncle of the 13-year-old boy the Seattle Seahawks running back allegedly threatened.

According to TMZ Sports, the incident took place Saturday in Wisconsin, where Lynch was in town with  his team to play the Green Bay Packers. As he left the team hotel, Lynch ran into a group of youngsters who wanted his autograph.

Although the boy nor his uncle had footage of Lynch’s alleged threat, Dave Medina told TMZ that a group of witnesses were on hand to witness what happened to his nephew. Footage obtained shows that Lynch wasn’t receptive to young fans and told the group to “back up off me.”

To hear Medina tell it, Lynch’s negative attitude escalated once the camera stopped recording his interaction with the group, which was mostly made up of high school kids.

“He told my nephew, ‘How would you like it if I slapped that f**king phone out of your hand and that smile off your face,” Medina said, adding that he was absolutely shocked at Lynch’s behavior in light of the group being able to get autographs from other NFL players at the hotel without incident.

At this time, there’s no word from Lynch’s camp regarding the encounter with Medina’s nephew or the other autograph seekers.