steph curry (gs uniform)

*If you’re not a “serious” NBA fan, you might not remember that Steph Curry‘s draft projections coming out of college were not exactly off the charts, so to speak.

Yes, it’s hard to believe that despite his outstanding shooting and Davidson’s improbable run in the 2008 NCAA Tournament, the 2015 MVP wasn’t universally heralded the next big thing.

Flash forward to 2015 and Curry, who lead the Golden State Warriors to an NBA title — would like to remind you that he hasn’t forgotten.

In a new video for Coach Up, Curry recites a particularly critical draft scouting report, which calls out several supposed characteristics that cast major doubt about his chances as a pro prospect:

“Stephen’s explosiveness and athleticism are below standard,” it opens. Well, OK, maybe it’s not totally wrong. But it only gets more wrong from there.

“He needs to considerably improve as a ball-handler,” it continues. “He will have limited success at the next level. Do not rely on him to run your team,” the report goes, as “2015 NBA CHAMPION” flashes across the screen.

Yep, now it has jumped the shark.

“Stephen must develop as a point guard in order to make it in the league.”

Hmm, what an invaluable and insightful scouting report. Not!



source: FOX Sports