audrey dudek & black boyfriend

*A Caucasian woman in Florida is feeling the sting of racism faced by black folk on the regular.

She says that ever since the higher ups at her former school learned that her significant other is a black man, she has been “treated differently” and was ultimately fired from her job.


Audrey Dudek, a former math teacher at Edgewater High School is suing the Orange County School District as a result.

“This isn’t about sending a message. This is about getting justice for a teacher that was terminated unlawfully,” said Suzanne Tzuanos, an Orlando attorney.

According to claims in the lawsuit, the school’s principal at the time along with the assistant principal allegedly treated Dudek differently “because she closely associated with non-whites.”

The lawsuit also claims that school officials were “shocked and offended” once it was revealed that Stacey, who is now Dudek’s husband, is black and that her classroom was called “Club Audrey” because she played “black music” and associated with non-white faculty members.

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