*”I’m heartbroken that no matter how many times a story like this is told, it will happen again.”

That very real quote was given by Fay Wells, who is yet another American citizen who has suffered a great indignity because of her black skin.

Wells recently found herself surrounded by 19 police officers, with guns drawn and aimed at her, while they DEMANDED that she come out of the apartment her Caucasian neighbor says was being burglarized.


The neighbor had called the cops and claimed that he saw the apartment being burglarized. Wells would later mention that this man now avoids eye contact with her.

Wells told her own story in The Washington Post. It all seemed to start out so innocently. Rushing to get to a soccer game, she had accidentally locked herself out of her Santa Monica, California apartment. But she wasn’t going to sweat it right then, as she knew that same issue would be there when she got back so she went to the game.

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