Teens Facebook photo

*This is one frightening photo, yes? And it raises so many questions about how children are being raised today, and what is deemed OK.

By any and all accounts, a photo of a teen smiling as he holds a semiautomatic weapon, with his finger on the trigger, is anything but OK. The teen posted the photo as his profile picture on Facebook, and now parents at Royton and Crompton School in Manchester, England have taken their children out of the school…in droves.

Can you blame them?

“There was a mass exodus,” one father told the Daily Mail. “Mums and dads were just walking in and out of the school all day, unchallenged. … When you see another child in your son or daughter’s class posing with a gun, then you don’t take any chances.”

Especially now.

As it turns out, the teen had first posted the photo in August, after a trip to Pakistan; where a licensed person can legally own a weapon. But was taken down later. Now, after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the boy posted the photo again–this time with a French flag overlaid.

Needless to say, it sent everyone involved into a state of fear.

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