patti labell (preparing pie crust)


It was truly a good weekend for Patti LaBelle as her sweet potato pies generated approximately $2.3 million in sales for her.

Urban Intellectuals reports that the stellar results came courtesy of singer James Wright Chanel’s viral “Patti Pies” video, which featured the entertainer enjoying the sweet potato treat and literally singing its praises while doing so. As a result of the three-minute clip, demand for the pies has been sky high, with Walmart stores being completely sold out.

So much so that the store’s bakeries told callers that they were out of stock before they even said “hello.”

With such an impact happening in only one weekend, Urban Intellectuals notes that the black dollar definitely made its presence known, saying that “with over $1.2 trillion in annual spending power, the Black community has an opportunity to not only enjoy Pattie’s pies, but also enjoy some financial control over the future, create jobs, businesses and funds to help make our communities better.”