black friday fights

*Fights over drastically marked down items have become as much a part of Black Friday as the marked down items themselves.

Videos of bargain brawls and beatdowns have been surfacing all morning. Here are the most popular so far:

This one took place at a Walmart over steamers. A small child managed to grab one of the steamers from a display, only to have it snatched away by a grown woman seconds later. The child’s mama went off:

There is already an effort afoot to find the woman who snatched the box from the child.

Below, two men at St. Matthews Mall in Louisville, KY:

Below, folks at a Florence, KY mall…over a pair of Air Jordans:

Chaos at a Walmart in El Paso, TX:

Customer at unidentified Walmart swings on a cop:

Walmart employee’s hair pulled by customer in Mexico. Yes, Mexico:

A good ol’ 2015 montage: