*The National Enquirer reported Monday that actor Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and has been hiding his status for years.  NBC also announced Monday that the actor will appear on the “Today” show Tuesday to make a “revealing personal announcement.”

In a press release, NBC said the actor will sit down with Matt Lauer for the interview.

TMZ cites “Today” sources in reporting that Sheen will indeed confirm that he has the virus that causes AIDS.

The National Enquirer on Monday claimed Sheen – who has bragged about sleeping with more than 5000 women – has been keeping his HIV status secret for four years, and that his ex-wife Brooke Mueller accuses him of “potentially” infecting her with HIV.

“Charlie thought he was indestructible and took no precautions — even though he was indulging in high-risk sex practices,” a close friend of the star told the tabloid.

According to Radar Online, the gossip website owned by the National Enquirer, Sheen confessed his illness to almost a dozen sources, who then divulged the information to the Enquirer. The tabloid says it then launched an “exhaustive 18-month investigation” that included lie detector tests administered by an independent polygrapher.

The Enquirer learned during its investigation that at least four women have claimed Sheen exposed them to the virus, and he reportedly paid off one female sex partner in a hush-hush financial settlement. There are also several active lawsuits against Sheen over the status of his condition.