chrissy teigen*Chrissy Teigen’s outspoken nature ended up sparking beef on social media as she aired out her thoughts on the shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs.

According to reports, three people were killed in the incident, which occurred Friday (Nov. 27) and has dominated the news and discussion on various social media outlets. Despite the topic not being brought up by some celebrities, BET notes that Teigen weighed in on in the incident on Twitter.

“Every time s**t like this happens, john and I immediately make another donation to planned parenthood,” tweeted the pregnant “FABLife” co-host who also posted a link to donate to the organization.

From there, the beef came as Teigen was slammed by anti-Planned Parenthood and pro-life Twitter users for having “no brains” and putting her support behind Planned Parenthood instead of Garrett Swasey, the 44-year-old police officer who died in the shoot out.

“@ChrissyTeigen @JohnLegend glad I never bought anything from you, my money not going to planned parenthood,” @RustyRhinehart wrote.

Well, Teigen was clearly in a bring-it-on type of mood. “We have plenty to go around!” a combative Teigen replied. “Will donate $500 in your honor right now. PP thanks you!”

From Teigen’s response it looks like she had no problem bringing it to her critics with as much fire as she’s gotten from those raining down drama on her.

In addition to telling one follower to “f**k off,” Teigen had something to say to another follower who got on her for not making a donation in support of Swasey.

“It would be wonderful if you could promote this as quickly as you promoted donating to PP,” wrote @kobzachipmaker.

“Happy to donate. Anything else?” Teigen fired back, which resulted in the follower telling her, “just want to make sure you remember the people who lost their lives today,”

Putting a wrap on the back and forth, Teigen tweeted back with, “I don’t need you to check where my feelings and mind are. I’m an adult. I’m good. Thank you.”