*Sherri Shepherd has taken another legal loss, as her appeal to avoid paying child support to her ex-husband Lamar Sally was denied.

TMZ notes that the 48-year-old recurring “The View” co-host currently pays $4,100 a month in child support. When the child turns 13, the payments will increase to $4,600 a month.

Monday’s decision by a Pennsylvania judge to deny Shepherd’s appeal came as great news to Sally, who is raising the former couple’s 1-year-old son L. J.

“I’m glad it’s finally over,” Sally tells People. “I’m glad the judges saw through all the lies that she put out there, and the negative media attention. If she won’t be there for L.J. emotionally, I’ll be parent enough for the both of us.”

Shepherd’s legal defeat is the latest development in a longstanding situation involving Shepherd and Sally. In September 2014, Sally suggested that his former wife “turned her back” on their then unborn child, telling People, “I never thought in a million years she would turn her back on L.J. (Lamar Jr.),”

“I think it’s the worst thing in the world for L.J. to look at his birth certificate at 16 and see it says ‘Mother unknown,” he said.

Despite using a surrogate to carry a donor egg Shepherd and Sally used for the pregnancy, they ended up splitting months into the pregnancy in May 2014. People cites a report that revealed a ruling from a lower court that Shepherd is L.J.’s legal mother.

The decision on Monday upheld the lower court’s ruling as well as killed chances of Shepherd having her name removed from L.J.’s birth certificate.

According to Melissa Brisman, owner of the New Jersey-based Reproductive Possibilities, the comedienne’s name was originally not included on the birth certificate. Brisman told People that Shepherd was not present for the birth of her son and refused to acknowledge she was the mother.

From there, the legal battle was sparked.