50 cent (woman puts finger in his mouth)*Are you ready for some serious TMI from 50 Cent?

Taking a break from his on-going Instagram back-and-forth with Rick Ross, Fiddy made an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” over in London and offered up a mouthful about his 2000 shooting.

The G-Unit head man revealed an interesting side benefit from that incident. According to him, a fragment from the bullet that was lodged into his left cheek still resides in his tongue, and apparently has some sexual advantages.

“I got hit in the face,” he said. “So the fragment portion of it is in my tongue. It kinda changed the way I speak a little bit.”

Well apparently it changed more than the way he speaks. While on the Norton show the rapper’s fellow guest, writer Julie Walters, just had to know more about the bullet left in his tongue. Well, anyway, the convo led to 50 Cent revealing how he turned the negative into a NSFW positive.

“Yeah, it’s great for oral sex. I’m a better man now, trust me,” he said.

Oh my!

And just for good measure, as you can see from the pic above, Walters also stuck her finger in 50 Cent’s mouth to cop a feel. You can also check it out in the clip below.