patti labelle & pie

Enjoy Patti’s Pies / Avoid Fatti’s Pounds!

Pattttiiii! “Why did it have to be this way?” The holidays are here, and thanks to James Wright, we all know that the Walmart exclusive Patti Labelle sweet potato pie is a must have. One bite and your wings will be flapping as you belt out one of Patti’s number one hits!
We already have the enormous food portions, the extra fatty way of preparing holiday food, emotional eating, family and friend fun, and now Patti’s pie to blame for the 51% of annual weight gain known as “Holiday Weight.” People only gain 0.4-0.5 kilograms (about one pound) of holiday weight, the overweight/obese tend to put on more, and the problem is we never loose it. Much to the delight of gyms and fitness trainers everywhere, people vow to loose the weight as part of their New Year’s resolution and it never happens.

Meanwhile, the scale is giving them the side-eye…
Eat with your mind and not with your heart! (Emotional Eating)
Missing Mom’s dressing or Dad’s fried turkey? Dreading the “sooooo, who or what are you doing now” conversation with your nosey aunts and judgmental uncles? Are you in the middle of “cuffing season” with no cuff? Maybe you’re just looking forward to turning up with that favorite cousin you only see once a year. Whatever it is, know your EMOTIONAL cues before going in. Preparation is the key.
Dr.’s Orders:

1. Stop. Think. Make a plan. THEN, make your plate!:
a. Make a mental note of
i. your emotional cues for overeating AND drinking
ii. your weight loss or weight maintenance goals for this season
iii. side effects of meds like weight gain. (Anti-depressants & steroids)

2. Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a POUND of cure
a. Don’t skip breakfast
b. Don’t be ashamed NOT to eat and drink like the crowd.
Foil- to go plate-Boom- The taste everything problem solved
c. Walk or do 30 minutes of other cardio before and/or after a big meal
d. Drink a full glass of water before every meal
e. Put less food on your plate. Take time to savor the food and it will help cut your appetite.

The Rapp Up:
Happy Holidays! Enjoy your family, friends, and the food, while preventing the pushing of your buttons and the adding of the pounds! When that’s done, grab a slice of Patti’s Pie, a video camera, kick off your shoes and give your best Patti performance. Not only is it excellent cardio, but you just might go viral and get a call from Ms.
Patti herself! ? Be Healthy. Be Safe. Be Successful.

dr. kadisha b. rapp

Dr. Kadisha B. Rapp

Dr. Kadisha Rapp is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician with  over 10 years’ experience practicing Emergency Medicine in the urban and suburban areas of Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Pa., Philadelphia, Pa., Houston, TX, and other cities.  You can reach her at[email protected].  Her website is  Check out her Youtube channel atRappMDTV.