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Chief Keef

*Parent of students at Fiske Elementary School in Chicago are criticizing administrators for hiring a substitute teacher who taught a lesson about controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef, and showed a horror film to sixth-graders.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the music class assignment required students to answer questions about Keef’s house arrest, who shot him and when Keef dropped out of CPS, according to documents provided by a parent.

“This inappropriate project was immediately suspended by the principal as soon as she learned about it,” Emily Bittner, CPS spokeswoman, wrote in a statement. “While teachers have flexibility in making assignments, CPS requires them to provide age-appropriate material in the classroom.” reported that the teacher also handed out assignments about Nicki Minaj, Fetty Wap, Chris Brown and Tyga, while Katrina Sanders revealed her son came home with questions about the Illuminati.

Sanders says when she learned of the assignment, she researched the gangsta rapper, whose lyrics include lines about “having sex, using the ‘B’ word, anti-police and supporting gangs.”

“What happened to studying notes, playing instruments? My son had to go on the computer to see who this clown is because we are not exposed to this in the home or church,” she said.

Sanders continued:

“CPS needs to create a musical or art curriculum and give the kids some books and sheets. As they grow up, they’re going to hear what they hear in high school but in grammar school, we have an obligation to our children to have the best education.”

CPS officials said the teacher’s last day was Tuesday.

Alki David, CEO of FilmOn Networks – Keef’s label – said the situation is “laughable.”

“This person came up from the South Side of Chicago,” David said of Keef. “He comes from nothing. He comes from an urban war zone and he makes something of his life. So he gets in trouble with the police and his baby mamas. Big deal. That can be said for probably every single young man living in the South Side. And he makes it out of there. He makes it out of there alive, maturing and he expresses that maturity in his music. It’s absurd that (CPS) would take that attitude.”