*I’m going to keep this real short. But its something I’ve got to get off my chest because I see the writing on the wall.

While I am sure as shyte that Patti LaBelle is appreciative of her fan Mr. James Wright going online on his own volition to taste her pie and show his love for it, and garner a lot of attention for himself because of the video he made; the fact that some media outlets are now trying to get him paid or start some kind of riff with salacious headlines is a perfect demonstration as to why companies such as record labels, literary agencies, and the like do not accept unsolicited material.

Ms. LaBelle, in her generous attempt to acknowledge what her fan did, complimented him on his talent when she reached out personally to thank him for his kind gesture.

But that may have been a big mistake.

Now news headlines create questions such as would her pies be selling as well if not for Mr. Wright’s video? Or is Patti LaBelle Taking Money from James Wright…These are fictional headlines because I don’t want to call out any particular news agencies or journalists, but you get my drift.

I don’t know about you, but I never heard of James Wright before he tasted Patti LaBelle’s pie.

Sounds like an even trade to me.

But in any event, in my opinion, it’s wrong to now put Ms. LaBelle (or any celebrity) in the position to have to defend herself against something she didn’t even ask for. Whether her pies were “flying off the shelf” or not is immaterial. SHE DID NOT ENLIST THE ASSISTANCE OF MR. JAMES WRIGHT and any encouragement by third parties that may suggest this gentlemen should expect compensation is a bust.

I doubt he would have any legal grounds to stand on.

So you need to stop this line of thinking in its tracks now. And stop attempting to make news, where there is none.


This behavior puts any opportunities for true partnerships at risk. As I said at the onset, IT is the reason why agencies do not accept unsolicited material. If Patti LaBelle, who I understand may now be interested in helping this man move his career forward, wants to collaborate with him about marketing her pies henceforth, that is certainly on her. But she should not be forced into something like this because its being fed by an insatiable media appetite.

My name is DeBorah B. Pryor, and I am nothing if not truthful.

DeBorah B. Pryor is a senior editor at EURweb. She also works as an entrepreneur and communications specialist. Contact her at [email protected] She is new to Twitter, but can be reached or followed there at [email protected]