Erykah Badu*In preparation of her forthcoming mixtape set to drop this week, Erykah Badu stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote the project, and she chopped it up with the hosts about social media, Drake and her Twitter beef with Azealia Banks earlier this year. Check out the interview in the clip below.

“Social media is kind of like social evolution. You know, we can spiral out of control but with some kind of style,” Badu says. “They don’t realize that the headwrapping and incense can turn into Newports and Mad Dog 20/20… if need be.”

In regards to her beef with Banks, Badu said, “I think sometimes, if we’re not careful, we let people instigate us into some sort of weird situation. Like, it’s the people around who are repeating it and retweeting… yea.”

Erykah’s delicious rendition of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” certainly got fans hyped about her “You Caint Use My Phone” project, which drops Thanksgiving, but she told Charlamagne that her work doesn’t match the brilliance of Jay Electronica.

When asked whether or not Jay should make another album, Badu replied: “He can make one if he wants to, but he don’t need to do that. His Eternal Sunshine can last us until 2029. I mean, I still haven’t heard anything as good as that…It’s just so amazing. I still can’t match that.”

In 2009, Badu gave birth to her third child, a girl named Mars Merkaba Thedford, with boyfriend Jay, who she’s been dating for five years. She also shares a son named Seven Sirius with rapper André 3000 of OutKast. While she dated Common for a few years, no children resulted from their union, but she does share a daughter, Puma Sabti Curry, with West Coast rapper The D.O.C..

Back in 2010, Badu was charged with disorderly conduct for appearing nude in Dealey Plaza in Dallas while filming the social-political, performance art, self-directed music video for “Window Seat.” It’s the same area where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in his motorcade more than 50 years ago this week.