ahmed mohamed

*Ahmed Mohamed’s ordeal with getting arrested and having his homemade clock being mistaken for bomb is resulting in his family taking legal action for a hefty financial resolution.

On Monday (Nov. 23), lawyers representing the family’s revealed its demand for $15 million in damages and an apology from the city of Irving, Texas, The Guardian reports, citing separate letters that were sent to the city and the Irving independent school district.

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In the letters, the lawyers stated that Mohamed was wrongfully arrested, illegally detained and questioned without his parents. The 14-year-old Muslim ninth grader generated headlines when he was arrested in September for having what officials thought was a bomb. News of the arrest generated reactions and controversy, with many people voicing that Mohamed’s religion was the reason he was taken into custody.

Broken down, the attorneys’ letter mentioned that the Mohamed family is requesting $10 million from the city and $5 million from the school district or they will file civil lawsuits within 60 days.

“Understandably, Mr. Mohamed was furious at the treatment of his son – and at the rancid, openly discriminatory intent that motivated it,” attorneys said in one of the letters.

In the days since Mohamed’s arrest, the Dallas-area high school student has received high-profile support from President Barack Obama, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and controversial Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, among others. In October, Mohamed’s family announced they would be moving to Quator as well as Mohamed accepting the Qatar Foundation’s offer to study at its Young Innovators Program.

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While the exposure has led to the Mohamed family traveling around the world to meet foreign dignitaries and several television appearances, lawyers note the toll it has taken on them as they acknowledged the family saying the attention ruined their lives and eventually drove them out of the country. The family currently lives in Doha (the capital city of Qatar), according to The Guardian.

In response to the Mohamed family’s demands, the school district mentioned in a statement that its legal department is reviewing the lawyers’ letter and will respond appropriately.