Cop GI Joe Staged Death photo credit

Cop GI Joe Staged Death photo credit

*I know what I know. I said from the start that Fox Lake County Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz‘s death “in the line of duty” was suspicious.

As a retired twenty year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department,  everything about that alleged incident made no sense. First- Gliniewicz while “on his way to work” spots three suspicious characters and goes in foot pursuit  of the trio; this after Gliniewicz tells dispatch the suspects “took my gun and pepper spray”;  this weeks before he is about to retire.

We now know that Gliniewicz, a 52-year-old officer shot and killed himself. He staged the suicide after he was discovered embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Fox Lake police youth program.

From the initial press conference held by his grieving widow who proclaimed that Gliniewicz was her “friend, rock and he comes home to me every night” –  I knew something was up. This sounded less like a grieving widow who is going to miss her husband and more like “woman-to-woman talk”. Who was she speaking to, “he comes home to me every night”; his purported mistress maybe?

It has been reported that Denise Sharpe Gretz, a 49-year-old former Lake County officer, accused Gliniewicz of coercing her into performing sex acts. Gliniewicz’s alleged misconduct dates back as far as 2000 when he was accused of sexually harassing a female subordinate.

Then-Chief of Police, Edward Gerretson, suspended Gliniewicz for 30 days and ordered him to attend sexual addiction counseling, according to the suit. Oh, a sex addict! That’s why his widow wanted everyone to know “he comes home to me every night.”

The Fox Lake Police Department seems rife with controversies. In August 2015,  Police Chief Michael Behan retired amid an internal investigation after he and another officer were placed on paid administrative leave by Village Administrator Ann Marrin. The same administrator whom Gliniewicz  tried to”put a hit”  on fearing she was about to expose his criminal activities.

During a press conference immediately after news of the fatal shooting, Gliniewicz was reported by police administrators as having been engaged in “good police work” when he decided to stop “ON HIS WAY TO WORK” to investigate suspicious activity.

Is it believable that George Filenko who heads the Major Crime Task Force as well as other administrators were unaware of the ongoing embezzlement investigation during the “manhunt” debacle for the alleged cop killers? Clearly, Fox Lake County Police Administrators knew  that  Gliniewicz had a long history of inappropriate behavior and disciplinary action as an officer. Why the charade?  Read the full complaints here and here.

As a veteran officer and patrol supervisor, it was impossible to believe that an officer ( lieutenant in Gliniewicz’s case) who transmits to dispatch that his gun had just been taken from him (how did that even happen)  is now chasing after the suspects who are reportedly running away and Gliniewicz managed to go in foot pursuit, catch up to the suspects and then engage in a struggle that leads to a shooting?

Makes no sense.

Wouldn’t the suspects have shot him immediately when they managed to over power him and take his gun?

Would the suspects allow a pursing officer to catch them and not just shoot him from some distance away – since they had his gun?

Better yet, wouldn’t the suspects have shot Gliniewicz immediately after disarming him?

Why didn’t this 30 yr. veteran lieutenant ask for back up when he made that broadcast to dispatch and wait for responding units as he directed their arrival into the area?

Here’s  the reason-   Gliniewicz was about to be exposed as a thief, a fraud and a disgraced officer by Village Administrator Ann Marrin. Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Commander George Filenko says Fox Lake was conducting an “internal audit” which revealed Gliniewicz had embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from a youth program that he managed. Did Filenko share this information with the police chief? Did the mayor know he had a thief in his ranks? Did the actions of Gliniewicz on that fateful day raise questions? Or,  was this a failed attempt to hide the truth about Gliniewicz from an unsuspecting public? Four long months after the alleged fatal shooting – Filenko comes clean.

Immediately following the report of the shooting death of Gliniewicz, Fox News and others began a  blame campaign alleging that the Black Lives Matter movement had created an environment wherein police officers like Gliniewicz were being executed.  Ron Hosko, President of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund wrote an article linking his “murder” to the Black Lives Matter Movement;  shouldn’t an apology to the Black Lives Matter movement be next.  I’ll wait.

Should tax payers foot the bill for a massive manhunt for the fake killers of Gliniewicz?  Shouldn’t his wife, Melodie shoulder some of that financial burden since it is now alleged that she and her son, D.J.  may have been aware of Gliniewicz’s theft and are under investigation.   As officials released text and Facebook messages detailing Gliniewicz criminal activity  for the first time in its 50 year history, the 100 Club of Chicago requested the family return the $15,000 donation.

Note to potential jurors – sometimes police chiefs circle the wagons to protect police officers who are involved in inappropriate behavior.

Cheryl Dorsey is a retired LAPD sergeant, speaker, and much sought after police expert on important issues making national headlines; as such she has appeared as a guest expert on the Dr. Phil Show ,  and is a frequent commentator on CNN, Dr. Drew,  HLN,  MSNBC and KPCC. She is the author of The Creation of a Manifesto, Black & Blue; an autobiography that pulls the covers of the LAPD and provides an unfiltered look into the department’s internal processes. Visit Cheryl’s website, listen to her on Soundcloud  follow on Twitter @sgtcheryldorsey  and BlackandBlueNews