stephen curry & kevin garnett

Steph Curry and Kevin Garnett

*As basketball fans know, Stephen Curry is all that, but would you believe he’s also got fans among players in the NBA, too?

Yep, that is the case. And one his biggest, it appears, is Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves who has no problem comparing the reigning MVP to basketball God, Michael Jordan. Whoa!

As it pointed out by CBS Sports, while it can be tricky uttering the hallowed name of Jordan, Garnett’s thoughts (see his quote below via Twitter) are on point. Simply put, there wasn’t a player like Jordan when he played. He was an entirely different force than what we were used to. Garnett sees a similarity with Curry.

KG’s uniquely positioned to comment on the situation. He’s faced them both players the exact same amount of times. Garnett played nine games against Jordan and had his team go 5-4 against them. He’s played Curry nine times and is also 5-4 against them. But now that unique tie has broken. That’s because Garnett’s T-Wolves will played the Warriors Thursday night and LOST 129-116.