H&M store front*H&M’s reputation for providing affordable and stylish clothing for consumers is known worldwide, but the company may need to work on its way of addressing matters of customer concern.

Media sources report that H&M is catching heat over its response to criticism regarding its lack of pictures featuring Black models that are present in its Cape Town and Johannesburg stores. In the company’s eyes, it strives to “convey a positive image” in its stores.

Check out the following tweets from H&M South Africa after Tlalane Letlhaku advised the company to “please work on” incorporating images of Black models in its stores:

H&M response to lack of diversityWas that clear? If you answered no, then you join the other Twitter users who were just as confused over H&M’s response and wanted a better explanation.

The company countered notions of them feeling that black models did not convey a “positive image” by naming the models of color they’ve used in the past. H&M South Africa followed that up with an apology for how it answered Letlhaku’s criticism.

News of H&M South Africa’s response comes just days before it opens another store in the Johannesburg’s Sandton section. There’s no word on whether ads featuring black models will be  in the new store.