debate gloves

American election campaign fight as Republican Versus Democrat represented by two boxing gloves with the elephant and donkey symbol stitched fighting for the vote of the United states citizens for an election win.

*It’s now debate season and you are itching to get involved. You are young, politically active and ready to change the world.

Your first thought: move to Washington, D.C. where all the action is. Even a temporary move to the capital could help you find your political voice, make meaningful changes and it could even alter your career trajectory.

But even if you aren’t able to move to D.C., you can still make plenty of political impact on your friends and family by hosting viewing parties for the debates to help get everyone a little more personally invested in the political race.

Make It a Costume Party

Require your guests to dress like politicians and give prizes for the best costumes. It changes things up, and might even attract fun people to your debate party.

Piñata for the Win

Why a piñata? Why not? There is currently a company peddling a Donald Trump piñata, which could be fun. Be bipartisan and find a Hillary piñata, too. Fill both big piñata heads with miniature plastic bottles of booze and swing away. Be aware, there will probably get a little spillage if any bottles are damaged in the piñata hitting process – just pretend those are politician tears and keep on keeping on.

Pro tip: Play this game early in the evening. It’s in everyone’s best interest to never let a drunk swing a stick at anything.

Pie Eating Contest

Everyone likes pie, right? Conduct a pie-eating contest during a commercial break. It may seem random, but what’s more all-American than apple pie? Unless you really enjoy cleaning, buy small pies so your guests don’t get sick or make too much of a mess.

Drinking Games

TV drinking games are popular amongst college students, drunks, and degenerates. However, you do not have to fall into one of those three categories to run your very own debate night drinking game. Here is how it works: you choose a word and every time a candidate utters that word, you and your guests drink. Typically, this game is played with alcoholic beverages. If you go this route, and you probably shouldn’t, make sure you drink responsibly.

Get Gaudy

Set the tone by going all out with over the top decorations. Life-size cutouts of the politicians, eagle ice sculptures and buckets of Twinkies are decorations that show your guests that they will have fun whether they want to or not.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you do, be respectful of other people’s political viewpoints. This is America. We don’t have to agree with each other, but we should try to respect each other. Keep it classy and let the politicians do the bickering. We know some of our party suggestions are out there, but that is the point. We want you to do whatever it takes to make the political process fun and interesting, even if it requires being a little goofy. Politics are hyper-local, and by engaging your community, you are bettering your community. Happy debate watching season, we look forward to receiving our invitation.