ashleigh wade and angelique sutton baby slay

Angelikque Sutton – Ashleigh Wade

*A deranged Bronx woman is in police custody after she slit the throat of another woman, who was nine months pregnant, took the baby out of her stomach and proclaimed that she was the one who gave birth to the infant girl.

The New York Post referenced sources that stated the incident took place on Friday (11-20-15). According to the sources, 22-year-old  Ashleigh Wade, was apparently so desperate to have a child that she allegedly stabbed the mother-to-be, Angelikque Sutton, and performed a crude Cesarean section, ripping the infant girl from Sutton’s womb.

“It’s my baby!” Wade allegedly insisted to police, who arrived on the scene to find Sutton’s placenta and umbilical cord laid on the floor.

Sutton was later pronounced dead after she and her baby were taken to Montefiore Hospital, the Post noted, adding that the baby survived.

Charges were pending against Wade, who was taken into custody at the scene and was being held for observation at Jacobi Medical Center.

At around 2:20 p.m., Wade’s boyfriend, Angel Praylow, called police. Praylow had been summoned by Wade to the scene of the killing and was standing outside the home cradling the healthy newborn when officers arrived.

Despite believing Wade was due on Nov. 15, Praylow, who had been posting pictures of sonograms and baby girl clothes for months on his Facebook page, wrote on the site that day that “she not ready to come out yet.”

In addition, Mattie Sledge, a friend of Wade’s landlord, mentioned to the Post that Wade told neighbors she was due to give birth next week.

“She (Wade) said she was due next Monday. She was kind of heavy,” Sledge said. “I’m really upset, we’re all upset because she was such a nice person. Something’s wrong with her. The couple was very nice.”

Adding to the tragedy were sources sharing that Wade had known Sutton, who was also 22, since they were kids.