jay z & oscar de la hoya

*Jay Z may not be making much music nowadays, but he is making moves on the sports side as his Roc Nation Sports boxer Miguel Cotto set to fight Canelo Alvarez fight for the middleweight world championship on Nov. 21.

The bout is bringing out the competitive side in Jay Z as well as Oscar De La Hoya, whose Golden Boy Promotions backs Alvarez. According to Page Six, the pair has a wager going on regarding the fight that finds De La Hoya shelling out over $100,000 to Jay Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation if Cotto defeats Alvarez.

Should Alvarez emerge as the winner, Jay Z will pay $100,000 to the White Memorial Medical Center’s cancer unit

“The bet started taking shape when both co-promoters visited their boxers’ camps prior to fight week, boasting about their fighters’ ability,” an insider told Page Six.

The Cotto-Alvarez fight is set to air live on HBO pay-per-view from Las Vegas. May the best man win.

dmx-irv-Gotti-jay-ZWhile Hov’s bet with De La Hoya is on friendly terms, the same wasn’t the case back in the day when he put his rap skills in combat mode while battling DMX, according to BET.

In fact, things were so intense that it generated a severe dislike between the two competitors, according to Irv Gotti.

“They always had friction because they battled and X, like, hated him,” Gotti told Complex. “Jay didn’t really give a f**k but they was always on some competitive s**t. That’s just the truth.”

Recalling the early days of his label, Murder Inc., Gotti went on to share various stories as he dropped a bomb about Jay Z taking a pass on signing DMX because he thought the “Party Up” rapper’s music was too sad.

As Gotti tells it, DMX’s success came as a surprise to Jay Z.

“He looked and seen what I did with X and was like, ‘Holy s**t. That s**t worked,” Gotti shared.

And the rest, they say, is history regarding the future of both rhymeslingers.