Jill Scott and Steve Harvey on "The Steve Harvey Show"

Jill Scott and Steve Harvey on “The Steve Harvey Show”

*Three-time Grammy Award-winner, talented actress and Philadelphia native Jill Scott will visit her good friend Steve Harvey and perform during a special “Thankful Hour” episode of “The Steve Harvey Show” on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

Jilly from Philly will tell stories about her youth, being raised by strong women in a bad North Philadelphia neighborhood and explain her strong roots in the City of Brotherly Love. She tells Steve that her grandmother had a tremendous influence on how she’s raising her son Jett.

Watch below:

Below, Scott talks to Steve Harvey about all of the musical artists from Philly who have inspired her:

Below, Jill tells Steve that the audiences in Philly can be tough:

Additionally, Jill tells Steve about her foundation, “Blues Babe” (named in honor of her grandmother) and Steve surprises her with a young woman from Camden, NJ – Arnetta Johnson — who will thank the singer for helping her to attend the Berklee College of Music.


(L-R) Arnetta Johnson, Jill Scott and Steve Harvey on “The Steve Harvey Show”

Jill will also perform her hit single, “Back Together” from her new Billboard chart-topping album, “Woman.”

Below: 20 Questions with Jill Scott Backstage at “Steve Harvey”