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*For the life of me, sometimes I don’t know where people get off, being so blatantly judgmental.

A Chicago community is devastated after learning about the death of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee, who was lured into an alley and executed on November 2.

And while we are a society of people with strong opinions, its always alarming when you have an absolute stranger going online, and blatantly placing blame; this time, on the child’s grieving mother, by posting a series of pictures of her (see below) and posing the question to his social media friends: “Does she look like a mother?”

WTF? Who does that?

Some dude out of L.A. named Tim Alexander does.

While I sit here and contemplate exactly what a mother is supposed to “look like”…please continue reading.

If you have yet to see this guy he won’t be hard to find. I wondered what  such a judgmental person actually looks like and discovered he’s got a Youtube video with his dad and two little boys, cute as heck, talking about how wonderful the men in his family is.

Good for you! And that is a real blessing that not every family is fortunate to have.

But Alexander, 53, and his harsh words are definitely a standout from the hordes of people sending their condolences to Karla Lee on just about every social media platform.

The filmmaker decided to put together the collage of photos of Karla Lee below on his Facebook account.

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