Khloe Kardashian*Khloe Kardashian has been so busy being there for Lamar Odom that apparently she needs medical attention herself with contracting a serious staph infection at the hospital the former NBA star is recovering at.

Apparently the infection is so bad that Kardashian has had to cancel several appearance to promote her new book. The site goes into detail about the reality’s star’s situation, saying that Kardashian has an incredibly painful lesion on her leg and has developed high fever and swollen glands. In addition, the reality TV star is sweating profusely with intermittent chills.

“It’s so scary. She’s so sick,” one very connected source told TMZ about Kardashian.

Informing fans about her cancellations, Kardashian tweeted:

“I’m sick & dr’s orders are that I need to lay low until we narrow down what’s wrong.”

News of Kardashian’s staph infection comes as Odom remains hospitalized at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Since he was admitted, Kardashian has become a frequent visitor during his hospitalization.

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