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Attorney Malik Zulu Shabazz

*Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. National President, Black Lawyers for Justice and Founder, National will keynote a national “No Justice No Profit” rally on Sunday – November 22nd – 1:00pm at the Ramada Inn (1901 Palm Beach Lakes Boulevard – West Palm Beach).

Shabazz has successfully organized the National Blackout Movement in 40 states with 500 national organizations of diverse leaders launching a major economic blackout-boycott city-by-city shutdown on major businesses beginning on Black Friday (November 27). The rally will be hosted by local advocate Angela Davis and joined by local leaders.

Shabazz will hold a press conference at the Palm Beach Gardens Police Headquarters (401 Clematis Street). With the recent dismissal of the police officer responsible for the October 18 slaying of 31-year old Corey Jones, the community and his family are still seeking answers.

Hundreds are expected to rally in support as POLICE MURDERS and other injustices highlight the reason the National Blackout Movement all over America will conduct demonstrations and boycotts against retail giants such as Walmart, Target, shopping malls, banks and other companies that take in billions of Black dollars, but are not owned and controlled by Blacks or African Americans.

“Blood is on the ground everywhere across America due to police killings. We have marched and we have demonstrated for justice. We have pressed the court system and litigated for justice. We have blocked highways and engaged in rebellions to get justice. Still, justice is far off. Therefore, we must now go to the next level and place economic sanctions on the forces of injustice. We must Blackout and Boycott Black Friday and the Xmas shopping period.” Malik Zulu Shabazz, Esq. – National President – Black Lawyers for Justice and Founder – National

The National Blackout is a series of direct – action holiday boycotts and permanent sanctions to:
1. Support Black Businesses and the building of a Black-owned economy. #BuyBlack
2. Stop financing our own oppression. #notonedime
3. Sanction specific companies and entities that are tied to injustice. #blacklivesmatter #nojusticenoprofits

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