*If I’m in an accident and I wake up to my estranged wife, I’m going to be spooked.”

Master P visited Home Grown Radio this week and dropped several gems for fans and listeners. The hip-hop mogul talked about his relationship with Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian and how he would feel if Sonya Miller showed up at the hospital.

“Right now with me, and all that I’m going through with my ex-wife and her attorneys…if I’m in an accident and I wake up to her, I’m going to be spooked,” explained the artist. “I’m just being honest and that is my opinion. Wendy Williams talked about me all the time…it’s her opinion, I accepted it. DL H made a statement and he doesn’t really know what’s going on…I didn’t get mad, that’s his opinion. I can respect it.”

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Master P on Home Grown Radio at Real 92.3.

Master P on Home Grown Radio at Real 92.3.

Here are a few of Master Ps’ interview highlights:

On being sampled by Future: “One of the guys that works for me said, ‘man you flipped Future’s record!’ And I said, ‘fa real?!'”

On opening up for Tupac Shakur: “People wanted to see 2Pac. Back then, when you are an opening act, you might get something thrown at you. It’s way different now. But I held my own.”

On why it took so long to work with Lil Wayne: “This the first time we’ve worked together. We all watched my documentary on CNN…at the end, one of my homies got killed. At the time, there was a whole thing against the Calliope Projects and the Magnolia Projects, and we didn’t know if it came from the Magnolia’s. So I couldn’t do nothing with him at the time. But we ended up finding out what happened. That’s how it is when you are in the streets and you’re living that type of life; which hinders a lot of great things we could’ve done together.”

Weezy is featured on the track “All I Want.” Master P’s album “Empire,” is slated to be released on November 28th.

Master P's "Empire"

Master P’s “Empire”

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