*Karla Lee, the mother of murdered 9-year-old, Tyshawn Lee, is in social media hell after purchasing a new car with money donated to a GoFundMe account that was created by a woman said to be her friend, to help with expenses towards the boys funeral.

“If a m—–f—– telling you they gonna try to take your life, too, because of whatever the f— is going on … they already took my son. I walk to work, I get on the bus. I’m not trying to be a target for nobody,” Karla Lee said in defense of buying the car.

More than $17,000 was raised on the page, which stated the money would be used to “help [Karla] in her time of need with any small donations to help her lay her son to rest.”

Apparently, Lee, affected by the harsh words in the social media comments, posted a series of emotional videos, but then deleted them. She had said she tried to be the best mother possible for her son, in one of them and pleaded to be left alone by people who were not in support of her.

“I got this s— for my protection. … I’m pretty sure that’s something my son would have wanted me to do,” she said in another video.

But Lee may have an even bigger problem looming from those who donated. Some of the comments on both social media and GoFundMe say that if the family received free burial services, they want their money back.

GoFundMe user Joe Smith wrote, “Used the money to buy a car, rather than either return it or donate it to charity. It was given to her to offset funeral costs and instead she used it to benefit herself.”

Other commenters were more sympathetic, ageeing with Lee’s assertion that she needed the car for protection.

There is still a reward out for information about Tyshawn Lee’s murderer. With the reward amount set at $54,600.