nene leakes

*If you’ve ever received a healthy dose of NeNe Leakes then you know homegirl can dish the shade, but she can’t take it.

Her time on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” depicted the joy she takes in reading one their life, but try coming for her and she’s quick to cower and play victim.

NeNe appeared on “The View” Tuesday to discuss her new role in the Broadway play “Chicago,” and in true Leakes fashion, she took a moment to flaunt her wealth and ‘Real Housewives’ fortune by showing the ladies and the audience pictures of her new house…which lacked furniture, something Whoopi and Joy Behar were quick to call her out on, as Madame Noire notes.

Whoopi: But where is the furniture Nene? You’re there but where is the furniture?

Nene: They told me to…I didn’t want to show pictures of my furniture so we gave pictures to you guys when we first bought the house.

Joy: Why can’t we see the furniture?

Nene: Because honey, we have to have security measures. Rolls eyes

Joy: But you’re showing the house…

Nene: I showed the outside and I’m behind many gates, with security.

Joy: How would the furniture?..oh…well.. Waves hands.

After the show aired, NeNe took to Twitter to throw a mild tantrum about “The View” hosts being mean girls and “haters” because they asked her a simple question.

NeNe tweeted and then deleted:

“Just sat with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up & down as if u don’t belong! The HATE was so real & SAD”

NeNe calling her lack of furniture a “security” measure is certainly not the most clever excuse, after all, she has invited viewers of RHOA inside many of her domiciles throughout the show.

Perhaps the place was a rental, a la MTV Cribs style, and when she got busted about it, embarrassment set it and she responded the only way NeNe knows how to handle her emotions… by lashing out.

Peep the moment via the player below.

What do you think NeNe’s security excuse, you buying it?