Omar Mcgee of Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance

Omar Mcgee of Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance

*Omar McGee, grew up in what some would call a gruesome environment.

He faced a tremendous amount of adversities at an early age leaving him to figure out a portion of his life on his own.

“I think my life experiences is the real reason why I’m qualified for this job, and we’re getting the results we’re getting at executive prep. It’s because these kids’ here at executive prep it’s nothing that they experienced that I can’t relate to myself.” says Omar.

He later founded the Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance which is doing quite well.

Executive Preparatory is a public charter high school located in the Los Angeles area, focusing on closing the financial literacy gap within the minority community. Executive Prep Academy’s mission is to provide a high-quality and extensive college-preparatory educational experience to youth that results in students succeeding in college and in their professional careers.

“Any profession you go in, you have to deal with finance. We’ve got kids going to school for doctors, lawyers, architects, it doesn’t matter.” says McGee, When asked if the child attending Executive Prep’s area of study had to only consist of finance.

“If we can out perform all of the schools in our area, with limited resources, imagine if we could put our kids’ on an even playing field. Giving them a private school environment free of charge.”

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