Patti LaBelle*Thanks to the amazing musical review that went viral from YouTuber James Wright Chanel, Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pies became a household name right in time for the holidays. While grandma may not appreciate you turning up to her home with a Patti Pie on Thanksgiving, Ms. LaBelle says the nation’s growing excitement over her pies has left her celebrating “the power of a great piece of food.”

“First of all, I have not felt this way in a long, long time about the power of a great piece of food,” Pattie said during her visit to the SiriusXM Studios on November 20. “I mean my pies are so good and they were going over the top before my new friend James posted that video and his video took us over the top again. I mean, this is a blessing.”

As of today, James’ video has been viewed over 10 million times, with initial reports claiming Wal-Mart sold more than $2 million in pies the weekend the video dropped. However, company spokesperson Scott Markley explained to NBCBLK that official sales figures have not been released.

“We do not release sales data that specific to either dollars or the actual number of pies so I don’t know that either [report] is accurate. I won’t say they are,” he said.

Patti-LaBelle-James Wright Chanel

Patti may have taken all the credit for her pie phenomenon when TMZ’s paps caught up with the R&B diva recently – a moment Jet Magazine parodied in this hilarious video – but she was more gracious during her Sirius chat, and acknowledged that no one was promoting the pie until her “friend” James went viral with his passionate approval.

LaBelle thanked him once again when she surprised TODAY’s Willie Geist and Tamron Hall with a sample of her exclusive Wal-Mart pie. Check out the video below.

EUR previously reported “talk” of James possibly capitalizing on his 15-minutes of fame by way of a duet with Lady LaBelle, and Patti has said she will lend her name toward his efforts to achieve greatness.

“I will sing with James anytime but that boy out-sings me,” the vocal powerhouse quipped. “He goes high, high, high up in the heavens. He can sing ‘Walk Around Heaven’ all day and honey. His voice is beautifully, beautifully high. I mean perfect. He has perfect pitch… I think he’s going to be all of that and a bag of chips. He’s doing the right thing, I think he has like 10 jobs and he keeps himself out there and he keeps himself current so he’s going to do well for himself and I’m going to make sure I help.”

Jet magazine Patti parody: