*Prince has found a new target other than the Internet.

The musician is now calling out concert ticket resale sites like StubHub and Get Me In!, comparing them to “scavengers” and “vultures” for swooping up blocks of tickets and reselling them at prices fans can’t afford.

The artist decided on Friday morning to postpone sales for his upcoming U.K. tour. After Ticketmaster made the announcement, Prince took to Twitter to explain – in a multiple choice question.

The answer of course is D, with Prince accusing secondary sellers (or “touts”) — who “rip off genuine fans.”

Prince announced his “Piano and a Microphone” solo tour this week. It was supposed to kick off in Vienna on Nov. 24. He’s scheduled to play two shows each in Glasgow (Nov. 27), London (Nov. 29) and Birmingham (Dec. 1).

Many fans began tweeting at Prince following the decision and he shared several of the supportive messages. “Blame the touts. Or rather resale sites. Esp those that somehow had tix on sale YESTERDAY,” said one. Another fan claimed prices were already out of control even before official tickets went on sale. “Hitting £5,000 pounds for 2 tickets clearly means there is a significant issue that needs to be dealt with.”

Prince said it would be cheaper for U.K. fans to just fly to Minneapolis, get a hotel and attend a Paisley Park show. “Better overall experience too!” he said.