r kelly (3 pointer)

*He was there at Barclay’s Center to sing the national anthem before Tuesday’s NBA game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Atlanta Hawks, but hey, what the heck, why not go for a 3-pointer, too.

That’s exactly what R. Kelly did while wearing a turtleneck with a sport coat, sunglasses and chewing a cigar! It happened before the game … dude was caught on camera draining a three-pointer from the corner, hitting nothing but net.

Kelly’s comments after the shot falls — “That’s the one y’all send YouTube!” — suggest it was not his first attempt. but, it’s hard not to be impressed when he’s making shots while dressed the way he was dressed.

Meanwhile, the Nets upset the Hawks, 90-88, for just their second win of the season and the first on their home court. Maybe they were inspired by you-know-who.